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At Mode, we are proud to have our master tailors craft suits the traditional way, using full canvas interiors made from horse hair. This gives the suit a natural and soft support, which also results in the canvas taking on the shape of the person wearing the suit.


Creative Styling. The name says it all. The immense variety we offer in fabrics, coupled with the endless choice of customization features, renders it perfect for anyone to celebrate their uniqueness and passion for life.


We’re committed to making you look good.

Mark H. (New York, USA)

Once you try custom you will never go back to buying off the rack. Who better to start with than Mode Magnifique. Their fabrics are impeccable and the needlework top quality! My order was delivered earlier than scheduled. Thank you.

– Mark H. (New York, USA)

Shawn A. (Washington DC, USA)

I never realized that ordering custom shirts over mail would be so easy. I was able to replicate my favorite shirt with great ease. Now that my measurements are on file, I even place my order by email sometimes.

– Shawn A. (Washington DC, USA)

Gerry B. (Melbourne, Australia)

I just received my suit and the fit is perfect. The fabric is even softer than I remember when seeing it in the book. It is probably being stored and maintained at optimal levels. I love the construction and details which you offer in the design elements.

– Gerry B. (Melbourne, Australia)

Philippe C. (Paris, France)

I have always been very satisfied with the level of service and quality of the garments that I have ordered with Mode. There are also a lot of details that are always highlighted in my clothes, and Mode has always taken care to incorporate all of them every time.

– Philippe C. (Paris, France)

Roderick J. (Detroit, USA)

I have always been amazed at the enormous variety in fabrics offered by your company, which can sometimes even be overwhemling when making decisions. But when going for a very specific look in my suits, I’m able to see it much clearer admist all my choices. And you have always delivered exactly that!! Kudos to you!!

– Roderick J. (Detroit, USA)

Simon P. (London, UK)

I’ve been a client of Mode for 3 years now. All my clothes have always fit me spot on! Congratulations to the entire team at Mode.

– Simon P. (London, UK)

Alexander P. (Geneva, Switzerland)

I was introduced to Mode by a friend 3 years ago. He would always receive compliments on his clothes, and finally when I asked him where he buys them, he put me in touch with Mode. I ordered 2 shirts on my first order and was excited and surprised when I received them. They fit me so well. Better than anything I had ever bought from a shop before. I’ve since become a regular client.

– Alexander P. (Geneva, Switzerland)

Jeremy F. (Manchester, UK)

I’m hard to fit. I have a larger than usual neck size and short arms, which makes it very hard to find anything from a shop that fits me. With Mode I’ve been able to be fitted well, and they have even cut a specially angled collar for me, which is very comfortable. Thank you.

– Jeremy F. (Manchester, UK)