At Mode our suits are made the old fashioned way

– hand tailored

… for today’s style.

Whether wearing a suit to work, or wearing a tuxedo to a formal; when saying “I do” at the altar to the partner of your dreams, or if you’re the best man attending your best friend’s wedding, every occasion becomes special when dressed in Mode. We offer everything from stylishly casual linen suits to complement the summer heat, to dressing in classic evening sports coats, to the well-dressed gentleman’s business suit.
Take pride in dressing smart. Customize your suit with Mode and make your statement. Details go a long way. Design your jacket to your taste – single or double breasted. One, two, three, four, or even five buttons. Jacket inner linings are sure way to show your fun side under a professional business looking suit. Choose from striking solid tones to fashionable fancy designs. Add a master tailor signature hand picked stitch along your jacket lapels and pockets to recognize the craftsmanship. We even embroider your name inside on your jacket. Well-cut trousers are key to making your legs look good and balancing upper and lower proportions. Pleats or no pleats? Forward pleats or reversed pleats? Not sure? Let us go through all the options available to help you decide. We take pride making sure you look good!
We’re proud to acknowledge the fact that we are supported by an entourage of tailors who themselves belong to a lineage of classic bespoke suit makers, and have mastered this art. What makes us unique is in their sharing of our vision. The marrying of traditional techniques with fashion forwardness results in creative customized styling with a flair… or better said – Mode Magnifique. We craft our suits the traditional way, using a full ultra-soft horse hair canvas interior, which is hard to find nowadays given the intense labor involved. The care that is taken into constructing a suit at Mode is unparalleled to any other. At Mode, every suit demonstrates the mastery of our tailors – just like a signature hallmark. We invite you to have your Mode experience.
PERSONAL one-on-one 
We are well known for making custom suits for men. We work with our clients by meeting with them in person for the first time to take measurements and to also display our wide array of fabric samples. We tour major cities around the world including France, Switzerland, Germany etc.. Once we have all the measurements recorded we create a customer profile in our system, which is maintained for life. Suits can then be ordered in person during our scheduled tours or by mail. We are happy to send you samples of your choice of colors and patterns that you can see, touch and feel. Or if you have a favorite suit and would like it replicated we can do that too.
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