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Who are we? And why are we so passionate about clothing? Basically,
We would like to make your life easier
We're not your ordinary tailor, we're more than that. We are a team of people who care to make your life easier. We know that every man has a different body shape. Take me for example, I have extreme sloping shoulders and an athletic build. It's almost impossible for me to go to a store and get a shirt or suit that fits just right.. Well actually to be frank, it is impossible. While growing up, my father was in the tailoring business, and yes that made it a whole lot easier for me to be the envy of all my peers. I always had new "cool" clothes with contrast collars and monograms, which tailored perfectly well in my frame. I didn't realize how much better I looked in a shirt made to my measurements compared to trying to fit into something from a store.
Before I knew it, I became passionate about clothing. My relatives would always come to me for advice before they went for their holidays as they wanted a lot of shirts and blazers made to make them look sleek in their photos. I arranged a "travel wardrobe" for them. It was really a blessing that I could turn my passion into a business. I'm here to help you out as well. Hence I created Mode - a sister company to Shoppers Paradise. Bookmark this website so you can order online, or check out our tour schedule for when we'll be in your city next - where we'll guide you through the made to measure process - show you a lot of samples and take your measurements.  
Feel free to browse around and schedule to meet. 
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Mode Magnifique
Dress Smart... Dress Sharp 


We stand by our clients and are committed to providing superior quality custom tailor made garments from the finest grade of fabrics, and in a process that is best suited (yes, pun intended) to them. We offer 3 options to get your perfect garment. Choose which one is best for you and happy shopping! 
  • TOUR : We frequently tour major cities around the world to meet with our clients personally and to accept new orders. Want to know when we’re in your area next? Get on to our mailing list or visit our Tour Schedule page to schedule an appointment. We want to hear from you, and we look forward to working with you.
  • FREE SAMPLES : Ordering a shirt with us for the first time? Let us know, and we’ll send you our latest collection of shirt sample swatches for you to choose from. Along with the fabric samples we will also send you a measurement guide & style form that allows you to replicate the measurements from your favorite shirt – which you can now style to your choice.
  • SHOP ONLINE : Our fabrics are always made from the best mills. Zoom in and you'll see the fabric in detail. 
The beauty of a custom tailored garment is that it is designed and built for one person alone – you. In fact, every custom made suit or shirt is a one of its kind. Right from tailoring the fit, to exterior pattern and design, a bespoke suit is truly a masterpiece of art. The wear and feel of a custom made garment comes second to none. Language, however, has always fallen shy in describing any experience that comes on account of another. Experience Mode’s custom suits and shirts firsthand and believe it yourself.



At Mode, we are proud to have our master tailors craft suits the traditional way, using full canvas interiors made from horse hair. This gives the suit a natural and soft support, which also results in the canvas taking on the shape of the person wearing the suit.


What sets apart a great suit or shirt from a good one? Style, fit and the subtle or obvious highlighted details. At Mode, we understand the importance of all three key components, and while our style and fit really is the framework in tailoring to you, our attention to detail is what allows us to express your uniqueness in customization.
All of our hand tailored garments bear signature hallmarks of our mastery in tailoring. Make it your own by personalizing it. Monogram your shirt with your initials or have your name embroidered inside your jacket. Passively scream out loud with a vibrant color suit lining. Even design your own distinct collar with us. We’ll work with you as you celebrate… being you.


Indulge with us. We host thousands of fabrics from world-class mills giving you the option to go all out. From affordable elegance to our ultra luxury line, embellish when feeling for the right fabric for your suit or shirt. Be sure that you can really be spoiled for choice. So go ahead and be picky about the line thickness of your pinstripe suit, or ask us for a shade of green between forest and bottle for your shirt, and we’ll present you with options.


We understand that shopping for clothes that fit right is often much more than a mere after work or weekend activity for men. What’s harder is finding the right fit and then hoping that a particular cut and size will be around long enough for one to shop again and again. At Mode we ensure that all our clients’ measurements are kept on record. To be precise, with every client profile we maintain a detailed paper cutout of every suit ordered, which then allows us to replicate any suit’s cut and measurements at any time in the future. Same with our shirts – every shirt’s measurements are maintained on record. So one doesn’t have to ever worry about hunting from scratch for something that fits right.

What Our Customers are Saying

I’m hard to fit. I have a larger than usual neck size and short arms, which makes it very hard to find anything from a shop that fits me. With Mode I’ve been able to be fitted well, and they have even cut a specially angled collar for me, which is very comfortable. Thank you. 
– Jeremy F. (Manchester, UK)

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