Not happy having to fit into an off the rack size for a shirt? As if struggling between choosing to go with the right size of collar or sleeve length wasn’t hard enough; we now have to also deal with getting rid of the excess fabric around the body to make sure we’re wearing our own shirt and not granddad’s from the yester years. More so, now with the markets overflowing with industry pre decided cuts for slim and regular, more and more consumers are met with the frustration of not being able to find the right fit.

No one should have to compromise on a well fitted shirt. The truth is that a well fitted shirt not only complements and adds to one’s personal grooming, it also says “I care about myself enough to put in effort into dressing well to look good.” A positive projection of one’s image and personality has been known to show immense subtle, but manifold benefits. Hands down the look of a slim fit shirt is far superior to that of the alternative relaxed or loose fit. The myth, however, that slim fits are only for slim body types needs to be busted. Anybody can fit into a slim fit shirt and still look good. The key is in understanding that it’s a slim fit tailored for a unique body type. Yours!

For years custom tailored shirts have been exalted as the way to go in dressing smart, and present day is no exception. The only notable difference is that the individual today must be catered to as a specialized client and not a mass scale consumer that has to go through a scavenger hunt for something off the rack, only to end in settling for a mediocre fit. Slim fits can be tailored using anybody’s measurements – giving the fabric the exact cut and just the right allowance from the skin to result in a well fitted shirt.

Surprisingly enough, we do not need to be in front of a tailor to get measured for a fitted shirt. Neither do we have to study any handbook for bespoke clothing. You and I can easily do this at home using just a measuring tape, some pins, and of course a shirt that doesn’t have to fit great. All that is needed is to try on the shirt. Then looking into a mirror, pinch off the excess fabric from the sides and insert the pins along the pinch line until happy with the fitting. Ask around for feedback if necessary. With the excess fabric now accounted for, we can repeat the same process along the sleeve line and also along the bottom for the shirt length. Once content, record the measurements… again, it’s not rocket science. Simple shirt measurements forms are available to walk one through the process. In fact, you can even style your shirt as you wish with the multiple options available for design.

Often the choice of fabrics in custom shirts far exceeds what is available in off the

rack in stores. From the basic pure cottons to the rich 2 ply Sea Island and Egyptian cottons, or even synthetic cotton blends for easy ironing – the array in choice is practically limitless. Not to mention the patterns and colors available which can be found in virtually every shade and line thickness. Choose from a variety of collar styles and spreads. Italian style wide angle collars, classic business collars, or even the chic Mandarin collars are just a few only to show how spoiled we are for choice. Likewise in the type of cuffs – French cuffs for the formal yet elegant look, mitered Barrel cuffs for business and casual wear, or even the versatile convertible cuff which allows the use cufflinks and buttons – all give one the flexibility to dress as desired.

If price is a concern, let it be known that with the vast number of custom clothiers out there today, it is now practically affordable for everyone to find a custom tailor made shirt within their budget. Many times, even at the same price as off the rack. However, even for those with tight pockets, it is far better to own a few tailor made shirts crafted for their body type rather than stocking up on more off the rack ones which don’t fit right. Even when considering making this shift from ready made to custom tailored, one can start with a small number of made to measure custom shirts, and gradually increase this over time. But no one should have to compromise on looking their best.

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